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About Kevin Driscoll

Kevin Driscoll is ranked in the top 1% Nation Wide by sales volume of all Real Estate brokers in the United States.

Kevin Driscoll’s real estate practice is defined by his unwavering passion for his clients and his critical, insider knowledge of the market. For more than 20 years, Kevin has developed a powerful approach to both finding clients the right home as well as successfully marketing client properties. Simply put, real estate is his passion – 25% of the homes he sells are never advertised. Kevin’s ability to tap into a deep network of colleagues all over LA is crucial in any Real Estate Market.

Any discussion of listing real estate would be incomplete without considering Kevin Driscoll. While most Realtors have seen their number of sales go steadily down over the past 10 years, Kevin Driscoll has seen his sales volume rise every year. This can be attributed to his chameleon like style of adapting to any market and knowing how to push the envelope in his clients favor.

Kevin has broken records by selling more expired (previously listed & unsold) properties month after month than any other agent. He is often called upon by colleagues on strategies for listings that are not moving. His other forte is new construction homes and re-sale.

Kevin Driscoll has been honored for 15 years running as the top 1% amongst all agents nationwide – as well as being named top .05% of agents in CA by RealTrends / Wall Street journal, having set many sales records in various Los Angeles neighborhoods.

During our last recession, Kevin extended his commitment to help more homeowners who needed to sell quickly as many adjustable loans were coming due. Kevin’s overall sales became dominated by selling homes that were previously listed with other Broker’s and never sold. Selling expired listings would become his area of expertise as he loved the challenge of turning around these stagnant properties into closed escrows. Imagine the results Kevin garners with normal transactions where he is known for often getting the highest sold price per square foot in many neighborhoods.

In addition to his notable sales achievements, Kevin Driscoll is known for his leading edge marketing strategies, which have set new standards for real estate advertising and sales around Los Angeles. Kevin Driscoll invests more in marketing his listings while most agents out there today are cutting back and cutting corners. More importantly, Kevin dedicates a minimum of 25 hrs. a week to networking to sell his listing inventory. He doesn’t believe in waiting for a buyer to appear, he goes and finds them. This always results in more money for his seller’s bottom line. When Kevin has free time, he can be found out and about in the City with his wife and their two children.