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Kevin Driscoll
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by Peter Whyte-Associate Manager on Kevin Driscoll

"Kevin, thank you so much for being on the other end of this transaction. Your professionalism is beyond the call of duty; your ears will be ringing this afternoon as I am giving a workshop for 15 new agents in my office. Your name will be mentioned as a "model escrow" in terms of how you communicate and work with the agent on the other end of the deal. The secret to a great transaction is the quality of the agent on the other side. I so much appreciate you being on top of it and I hope our paths cross again. You are a really, really good Broker."

by Jill Young-Manson on Kevin Driscoll

Although my mother nearly went into cardiac arrest when I told her that 106 people showed up to your Broker Open House, I am breathing easier knowing I have you on my side.

Thank you so much for producing such a beautiful event and for completely exceeding our expectations. We appreciate the tremendous energy, planning,
inspiration and integrity went into creating that first day on the market.

I know it was a tough sell, tough market and we were tough clients. Your focus and complete determination in this situation were remarkable. I was really amazed that you just kept the clients coming until you brought us a buyer. Your commitment to getting the job done surpassed that of any of the other realtors with whom we worked and I know that without your efforts we would not have sold the property today.

Again, thank you for everything."

by John Kalil on Kevin Driscoll

"We had tried to sell our home with another broker (a family friend) for over a year with no success. We concluded that our lack of success was due to "the market" and that now was not a good time to sell our house.
As a last effort, we decided to try another agent and interviewed 5 local candidates (none of whom we personally knew, but were all referred to us).

The potential candidates had pretty much the same pitch:
1.The seller's market is really tough right now over $1Million
2.There are a lot of foreclosures competing with you, so you need to lower your price
3.Financing is really tough for buyers, so you need to be patient
4.Your house is on a busy street, so it will be hard to sell

My wife and I noticed three underlying themes with most of the selling agents we interviewed:
*"I am smarter than you are"
*"There are a lot of reasons why this house won't sell, so lower your price"
* "None of the other agents in the market are as good as I am"
Frankly, we were put off by these tactics.
Then we met Kevin - he was literally the last person we had on our list to interview. Kevin was completely different than all the rest. He was confident but humble, he said nothing bad about other agents, and explained exactly how he was going to sell our house; not why it wouldn't sell, but how he was going to sell it. Furthermore, my wife and I are not naive and can see through sales "fluff", so we scrutinized his plan. It was organized, based on facts and data, methodical, measurable and well structure. We were impressed.
and although Kevin's agency was the only one we'd never heard of, we appreciated his unique approach to selling and selected him.
After we signed with Kevin, he said to me in a very humble, calm fashion, "My goal is to sell your house in 30 days, and if you aren't satisfied with my services, you can cancel my contract at any time with 24 hours notice". Now that was different!

I could go on for pages on how professional and competent Kevin is, but let me sum it up this way:
*Day 0 - We listed
*Day 2 - Kevin hosted a broker open where 35+ brokers attended
*Days 3 through 5 - We had showings literally every day
*Day 6 - Kevin presented us with a buyer's offer at full list price and 40% down payment

Kevin sold our house in less than a week at full list price. I don't understand how he did it, and frankly it doesn't matter if I ever do. All I know is that Kevin set high expectations and then exceeded them....and exceeded them by a lot.
We closed without a hitch. Kevin is simply unparalleled and sets a new standard for professionalism, client service and results.
You may ask for my cell phone number from Kevin and I would be happy to talk with you over the phone regarding any details or further questions you might have."

by Robert Rosenthal (President CSS Studios) on Kevin Driscoll

I just wanted to convey how appreciative Genie and I are for the way you handled the sale of our home in Sherman Oaks. You developed a selling strategy specifically tailored to our needs and delivered results far beyond our expectations. As a result of your guidance and professional wisdom, we received multiple offers at the initial Broker's Open and received a sale price significantly above the listing price. In addition, your management skills and experience created a smooth process throughout the escrow period. Thank you very much for making this process successful, rewarding and pleasant. Well Done!"

by Ron Stone on Kevin Driscoll

"Having our home on the market for over a year with no offers was dissapointing and frustrating. The idea of going through the entire process again was not something that I looked forward to; I knew I needed a different approach, I hired Kevin Driscoll because I believed in his unique marketing ideas and his knowledge of the marketplace. The focus and attention he gave to the entire process was above and beyond of what was expected. He sold my house shortly after listing it for $ 2,250,000-more than it was previously listed for with another Broker just weeks earlier. The results speak for themselves, I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone that wants results."

by Martha Madison on Kevin Driscoll

"Hallelujah! Thank you so much for your perserverance. You are a great Realtor and I appreciate all of your hard work."

by Monica Chapron on Kevin Driscoll

"Kevin Driscoll not only handled our Real Estate transaction with professionalism and integrity but he was also very knowledgeable and accomodating. He made our first California home purchase a very rewarding experience. I will definitely refer Kevin and also use him for any future Real Estate endeavors. Thank you, Kevin "

by Todd Lorber (Senior Vice President NAI Capital) on Kevin Driscoll

"Kevin's marketing and transactional efforts were exceptional. Despite a prior listing with another Broker (which expired with no offers) Kevin solicited five offers to purchase within three days of listing my house. He was extremely pro-active, not once during the escrow did I have to request documentation or follow up. As a Commercial Real Estate Broker, I greatly appreciate his dilligence, which resulted in a sale price above asking and a closing within one month."

by Genevieve Lander on Kevin Driscoll

"My husband Abe & I owned Royal Oaks Realty in Encino for 45 yrs. I am so pleased with the caring service I received from Kevin Driscoll, he conducts himself. exactly as my husband always did! Prompt return of all phone calls, hand delivery of the paperwork of both sale & purchase (he has handled both for me) and excellent guidance. My husband also believed in personal service, he (like Kevin) never conducted himself anything less than "EXCELLENT". He would have been proud to have Kevin at his company. During all my transactions with Kevin, I never once wondered what was happening. He always kept me up to speed on all aspects of each sale-never did I have to ask. It's been a pleasure working with him through the years. "

by Paula Moizel on Kevin Driscoll

Paula Moizel (Owner - PM Properties)
"We had our house on the market for over a year with two different Brokers! We hired Kevin and got an accepted offer right away. Kevin is very professional. He is dilligent and follows through the whole project. I have worked with many Brokers and would most definitely recommend Kevin to anyone wishing to sell their property."

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